Bathroom Renovation Quote Checklist

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the key elements of a Bathroom Renovation Quote

Read our insights and tips to help you prepare, plan, and execute your bathroom renovation project with confidence, ensuring no detail is overlooked and avoiding unexpected surprises along the way. This essential tool not only helps you articulate your vision but also ensures that every detail is considered, from the initial design to the final touches.

bathroom renovation adamstown

Embarking on a bathroom renovation can transform not just a space, but the way you experience your home.

Whether you’re dreaming of a spa-like retreat or a practical yet stylish family bathroom, the journey from concept to completion is filled with important decisions and considerations. To navigate this process smoothly, a comprehensive Bathroom Renovation Quote Checklist becomes indispensable.


bathroom renovation adamstown

Here at Banana Bathrooms, our prices mirror the quality of our products, craftsmanship and dedication to our clients.

At Banana Bathrooms, we take great pride in upholding our promise to deliver exceptional quality. While there may be cheaper methods for renovating bathrooms, we adamantly refuse to compromise on standards by taking shortcuts or using inferior materials.

Our prices reflect not only the excellence of our service but also the unwavering dedication of our team. Our objective is to astound and excite you at every step of your bathroom journey, not solely during the estimation phase.

This level of dedication distinguishes us from our competitors, and this commitment warrants the investment.

It’s relatively easy to put a price on a bathroom renovation; ‘this much’ for a length of architrave, ‘this much’ to install a sconce. What’s more challenging to qualify is the effort it takes to organise and manage a successful renovation project.

When you’re looking at our quote, what isn’t listed is the project management we offer as part and parcel of the service: interpreting schematics and installation specifications, scheduling trades and delivery logistics, all based on years of experience and understanding. We ensure that the work of one trade is in no way compromising the work of another and knowing what to do if it does.

How much time would you devote to this task, and would it be worth it?

We’ve taken the extra step of providing you with a comprehensive checklist outlining what to look for in a bathroom renovation quote. Our commitment to transparency and honesty from the outset means you won’t encounter any unexpected hidden costs along the way.

Banana Bathrooms Quote Checklist:

  1. Does your quote include custom Shower screens, and is the cost of coloured clips included? We provide custom-sized shower screens and include the cost of coloured clips (for example, if you have black tapware, you will want black clips on the shower)
  2. Are they purchasing building insurance on your behalf? 
  3. Is the cost of any remediation work to other rooms outside of the bathroom included? For example, if you have opted to move a doorway, has the quote included the cost of repairing in the hallway/externally, where the previous door used to be?
  4. If you are updating windows, does the cost include both the installation and supply of the windows?
  5. Does the quote specify how high the tiling will go? 
  6. Does the quote include PC items? Does the PC allowance quoted for each item allow you to purchase the desired quality level?
  7. Does the quote include a 3D render? 
  8. Does the quote include asbestos testing and removal if necessary? What is the company’s policy if they find asbestos?
  9. Does the quote include painting or wallpapering?  


  • Always get multiple quotes to compare prices and services.
  • Check references and past work of contractors. (check out our 40+ Google reviews here)
  • Ensure all quotes include the same scope of work for accurate comparison.
  • Verify the licensing of tradespeople.
  • Ensure that they have proper insurance coverage for working on your property.


This checklist covers the key components of a bathroom renovation project. Discussing every item with your contractor is essential to ensure everything is accounted for and to establish clear expectations for the project’s completion.


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